Data Analytics Dashboard Giveaway!

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Great work is being done by our local nonprofit organizations—we see it first-hand as we sit on boards, volunteer, and donate! A challenge we observe that can affect ongoing funding is how difficult it is to report on an organization’s impact on a community—a very important motivation to donors. Nonprofit organizations need compelling, accessible, and timely reporting of charitable activities donors want to see. Providing access to your program’s outcome data through interactive dashboard reports can lead to greater enthusiasm in your volunteers and more activity from your donor base.

Gaining efficiencies in your organization through analysis on data from critical systems, employee functions or volunteer hours can enable higher community impact levels as well – or can stretch those charitable funds even further.

TDI-wedographic-halfOver the past few years, Think Data Insights has served a few nonprofit organizations and spoken to others who have these needs. We would like to start 2017 by enabling one of these great organizations to tell their story, showing donors the impact they are making. Or, perhaps we can enable a very productive nonprofit to gain insight on operations and achieve greater impact and higher levels of care with an executive dashboard on primary lines of activity, costs, value metrics and donor pipelines.

Please nominate a deserving nonprofit to receive this dashboarding service worth up to $35,000 as a FREE service, no obligation gift from Think Data Insights!     *See below for more details

*Nomination Phase – Currently open

From the nominations, a handful of finalists will be chosen by Think Data Insights based on a variety of factors such as a nonprofit’s need for and interest in these services, the comparative value and impact these services will have on the organization, the number of nomination entries received for an organization, and other potentially subjective factors.

*Voting Phase – after finalists are announced

Once finalists have been announced, a webpage will be created to host a video from each finalist explaining the value of their mission to the community and requesting votes from the public for their organization to win these services. The voting phase for the winner of the Think Nonprofit Insights Dashboard Giveaway will begin at that time.