Think Data Insights and LBMC have joined forces, uniting market leaders. We are continuing to create a firm with a deep bench in financial and advisory services to envision the future and deliver it. Together, we’ll provide innovative solutions that generate meaningful insight into operations, finances and opportunities. Read more.


Our clients know their business. They plan. They strategize. They understand how their industry operates. Business knowledge combined with technical expertise is a powerful formula for success.


We are inundated with data – Operational, Financial, Industry Benchmark, Social Media. The challenge is not the shortage of data. Rather, it is knowing what to do with it. We must be able to leverage data as an asset.


The result of data analytics and information delivery ought not to be just pretty charts and reports, but insights. Insights drive business change.

Our firm was built out of the enjoyment of seeing data insights create huge impacts on organizations. We have worked with companies who have a team of business intelligence (BI) developers as well as those who are looking to grow their team’s skills in these areas.

What we do.

We work with companies who are updating or implementing an Enterprise Data Platform strategy, and we provide project planning and design through development and execution, utilizing the top brands and technologies available in the market.  We have delivered high impact data platform and business intelligence solutions for the largest organizations in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, media and finance.

We also have BI developers who work with small and midsize businesses to bring value and insights using tools already at hand in their corporate Microsoft licensing plans.  We have worked with franchise chain owners, small colleges, and private physician groups.

Our clients experience a high touch and interactive approach from their Think Data Insights consultant as we use collaborative and iterative methodology on each project we undertake. The Agile methodology we apply to your project means shorter intervals of delivery where a usable product adds immediate value.

Enterprise Data Platform and SQL BI Solutions

Our experts develop solutions accommodating very large and complex data environments when traditional solutions do not address the client’s needs. Whether the need is data warehousing, self-serve data mart solutions, or other ad-hoc reporting or visualization capabilities, we have the experience to exceed your goals.

Data Integration | Conversion | Migration

When moving data, best practices require skill in understanding the data set and the data preparation process.  You need someone who can understand your data and business rules, translate requirements into the right approach, and ensure the desired outcome.

Dashboarding and Visualizations

Gain visibility into the complex relationships of your business data with interactive graphs and charts that drill deeper into detail. Read case studies here.

Corporate Performance Management Solutions

Many companies use Excel as a tool to manage their business’ budget and cash flow analysis, but end up with a complex system of workbooks that need management as well. We help our clients by building a solution that allows them to more easily track and distribute their budget to the right stakeholders,  simplify the process they use throughout the year to drive growth, decrease expenses, and manage other business objectives.

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