Ad-Hoc Reporting and How It Can Benefit Your Business

What is “ad-hoc” reporting? Ad-hoc is a Latin for “as the occasion requires”, and this type of reporting is a model of business intelligence (BI) wherein reports are built and distributed by non-technical users. All the user will need to do is set up the business intelligence solution, connect it to data sources and establish [...]

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What Does it Mean to Be Data-Rich, Yet Insight-Poor?

In today’s digital economy, there is no way to measure failure or success other than by gathering data. So business owners gather as much data as possible, becoming ever more “data-rich”. Having the insight necessary to interpret that data is vital, however, if the information gathered is to help your business. Not having those insights [...]

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The Benefits of Consistent Data Governance

Every group or department in your organization is going to need their own view of your data. For example, if they are looking at year-end sales, the focus will be on all the business your sales team closed in the previous year. The group controller is going to have different line-of-business needs, however, and will [...]

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Three Big Challenges of Data Analysis

The data analytics industry is still in its infancy when compared with other existing industries. There have been roles, such as I.T. positions, associated with data analytics for quite some time, and with the advent of large data sets that can often be difficult to mesh, newer and more specific roles have come into play. [...]

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What Makes Think Data Insights Different?

We truly enjoy seeing the positive and game-changing impact that data insights can have on any organization, and that is the Think Data Insights Difference. We are a consulting firm with deep expertise in data analytics and data integration architecture. We design and implement enterprise data platforms and business intelligence solutions. Our team provides project [...]

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Why You Should Consider Power BI

BI: Business Intelligence. We hear the term everywhere in the modern business world. The BI models today are easier to use with simpler interfaces, and can be understood and operated by even the most technologically challenged member of your team. Business intelligence is a key component to being agile and competitive in the business world [...]

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The Benefits of Data Mining

Collecting, processing, storing, and analyzing data, in order to discover and extract new information from that data, is known as data mining. The techniques of data mining can be basic or complex, and it helps organizations analyze their collected data to determine patterns or to gain new information about what they do. Without any kind [...]

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The Problems that TDI can Solve for You

The digital age brings with it many benefits, making it a lot easier to get things done. As with any change, however, new challenges have been created. Here at Think Data Insights, we are committed to helping solve digital age issues for business owners and management. Some of the problems TDI can help businesses with [...]

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Modernizing Your Data Warehouse

Data and analytics are now indispensable to today’s business people; businesses use reports, dashboards, and analytics to extract business insights that help them stay competitive. Your data warehouse is an important part of your data management. A central repository of information that your team can analyze to make the best decisions possible, the data flows [...]

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Building a Good Policy for Data Governance

Effective data governance will provide many benefits to your organization. It will ensure accurate procedures with relation to regulation and compliance activities and will increase the transparency required in these areas. The value of your data will increase, and resolution of past and current data issues will be supported. The costs that can be associated [...]

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