Watch Second Harvest’s Dashboard Giveaway Video

Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee was created to address individuals and families who don’t have regular access to food. Our mission is to feed hungry people and to work to solve hunger issues in the community. Through a broad partnership with local and regional grocers, farmers, and food manufacturers, Second Harvest gathers food donations, warehouses them, and distributes meals to those in need; through churches, community centers, and schools. This past year, Second Harvest distributed over 26 million meals, through 486 agencies, in the 46 counties of Middle Tennessee. Second Harvest is also a Manufacturer of canned food products, under the label Project Preserve, and we supply other food banks with affordable meals that are distributed throughout the entire United States.

During operations, we capture plenty of data, but our disparate systems don’t allow us to use all of it at once to ask the bigger picture questions, or to run the statistical analyses that show cause and effect. If we are chosen to receive this award, and dashboards using our linked systems are created from this effort, then Second Harvest will be able to feed even more hungry people and have a much greater impact on solving hunger issues in the Middle and West Tennessee area. We will finally be able to fully utilize the greatest tool in this fight, our data.

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