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Siloam Health is a charitably funded non-profit organization that provides affordable, high-quality, whole-person care to the uninsured in the metro Nashville area as well as health promotion among our city’s immigrant and refugee communities. Siloam’s mission is to share the love of Christ by serving those in need through health care, and we address patients’ physical, emotional, spiritual and social determinants of health. The clinic integrates these elements into its primary care setting by employing a full-time behavioral health consultant, a full-time pastor and a full-time social worker in addition to five physicians, two nurse practitioners, one physician assistant, and five nurses. Siloam also provides mentorship to the next generation of health care providers through the Siloam Institute for Faith, Health, and Culture.

Every year Siloam serves more than 5,000 individual patients and conducts more than 20,000 patient encounters, offering a unique, interdisciplinary model of whole-person health care that addresses the physical, emotional, spiritual and social determinants of health. Comprehensive care is available to Siloam’s patients thanks to a network of generous health care providers including specialists, diagnostic centers and hospitals. A glimpse at demographic information for patients seen at Siloam during 2016 shows that:
• 75% were below the federal poverty level.
• 18% were children.
• 15% were 55 years of age or older.
• 54% were female; 46% were male.
• Nearly 90% were foreign-born, representing more than 80 nations and speaking approximately 70 languages.

Winning the Analytics Dashboard Giveaway would mean that Siloam Health is equipped to analyze and understand our data in a more effective way. We would be able to improve our patient flow process, optimize scheduling, and improve no-show rates. Improving these processes and others would allow us to operate more efficiently and open up capacity to provide whole-person care to more of our community’s must vulnerable.

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