Data architecture starts with foundational questions. What system? What data? Why? Data architecture describes how data is processed, stored, and utilized in an information system. It is the roadmap that defines strategic data requirements that guide integration of data assets. Structured data is crucial for reporting and analytics purposes.

Master Data Management is a key aspect to data architecture. Master Data Management is the effort made by an organization to create one single point of reference source for critical business data. This eliminates costly redundancies that occur when businesses reply on multiple sources of information. A Master Data Management Program must include a strong data governance, which focuses on high level policies and procedures, and data stewardship, which is the act of implementing and carrying out those policies determined by the data governance, to ensure high data quality and that all data is being handled properly.

Traditional methods of advanced analytics relied upon building Data Mining models by using statistics and other programming methods to find patterns hidden in the data to explain some phenomenon. In today’s Big Data environments, Machine Learning must be applied to data in real-time to rapidly identify patterns to predict desired patterns, associations and outcomes.

One of the first decisions during the data architecture phase is whether to choose a traditional on premise, cloud-managed solution or both. By having a hybrid architecture, businesses are able to manage both on-premises and cloud files from a single, centralized view for analytical purposes. Strategizing the placement of the varied data and handling it both on premises and in the cloud, enables management of a full range of data.

Data architecture is the data blueprint that will unlock endless business value. This organized arrangement of component elements to optimize function and performance help attain your business goals. Click HERE to discover how Think Data Insights can assist and guide you to achieve your goals.