Think Data Insights strives to improve the data culture in an organization, with the goal of increasing the speed-to-value of analytics. The average organization today requires IT to develop all the analytics, but the IT group does not often have the business’ subject matter expertise required to provide the value needed.  As a result, most business decision makers or those doing their analysis, develop their own integration and reporting solutions through Excel, creating new data silos and manual processes that are often unwieldy and unsustainable.  This process is not scalable, reliable or timely, and requires IT resources at a real cost to the business.

In order to solve these problems, the organization must be open to a culture shift. TDI brings the IT and business resources together as part of the critical resolution. Successful data programs most often occur where the IT department develops initial data platform components and the business executives are responsible for the “business logic” and analytics. Having leadership develop and state clear expectations and standards across the organization is key to a robust data program’s success. In addition to providing data platform architecture and development services, TDI also mentors the business team members themselves in developing quality, value-driven analytics solutions, which can begin to replace methods which heavily depend on Excel.

Newer solutions and platforms like Power BI, can increase the speed to value of analytics work. TDI accelerates the organization’s internal team effort, develops the organization’s internal talent, and raises the collective “analytics IQ” of the organization. We provide technical support as needed, fielding calls from the business’ internal resources if they need additional development expertise.

One of our clients, Jarrod East, the IT Director at Lazy Dog Restaurant, has found great synergy in Microsoft’s Azure Data Platform and Power BI, and the mentoring that TDI provides has proven to be a critical asset in their journey. “The historical BI methodology hinges too much on the IT department to understand the calculations, models, and needs of every department requiring reporting data.  Power BI and supporting components of the new data delivery model allow for more self-service Business Intelligence.  While this new method of separating data architecture from self-service analysis is possible, it takes a considerable understanding of the latest in the DAX analysis language.  Think Data Insights has been an indispensable mentor for our Analysts in transitioning to this new language as well as in helping our Data Architect build a newer Tabular ‘Big Data’ architecture.”