Data visualization is the way we present data to support data driven decision making. It is the key to self-service business analytics where people in the business can access data and build visuals for specific problems. To be successful in data visualization, it’s important to know your objective, know your audience, highlight key findings, eliminate fluff and simplify.

Data storytelling is the process of translating data analytics into a narrative which influences a business decision. Value is extracted from the data collected, and once translated, it is presented in a story told through visualizations. The latest visualization platforms allow users to pick from numerous visual display options to best convey the message to the targeted viewers. As businesses improve their data communication through better visualizations, they will convey their messages in a more compelling way. Columns and rows of numbers in a spreadsheet cannot compete with the ease of comprehension and powerful storytelling accomplished through visualizations.

New visualization tools make it easier for everyone to explore data on their own. These self-service tools allow users to access data from anywhere in the world–allowing executives to check reports and make business decisions from anywhere. This empowers the end user to analyze, build, and integrate machine learning inputs into the visualizations. Today it is possible to build reports that are interactive and contain data that is in real time and is automatically refreshed.

A traditional approach to visualizations is that a person builds a report or dashboard, and then deploys it for others to see. New capabilities are arising for the data visualizations to be built in a way that they can be embedded in other solutions through APIs and other means.

Every month, new updates and enhancements enable users to create much better, profound and creative ways to visualize data. But the way we present data is more than just beautiful, captivating pie charts and bar graphs. We must convey a message to the audience effectively to enable quick, confident data driven decisions. Click HERE to learn how Think Data Insights can mentor and guide you in exploring new ways to present your data.