Data is a strategic corporate asset when an organization is able to create, process and deliver information in an optimized way. Data architecture strategy, integration, and visualization are the 3 parts to developing a strong enterprise data platform and business intelligence program.

Data architecture starts with foundational questions. What system? What data? Why? Data architecture describes how data is processed, stored, and utilized in an information system. It is the roadmap that defines strategic data requirements that guide integration of data assets. Data architecture is the data blueprint that will unlock endless business value. This organized arrangement of component elements to optimize function and performance help attain your business goals. Structured data is crucial for reporting and analytics purposes.

Data integration involves combining data from several disparate sources, which are stored using various technologies and provide a unified view of the data. Data may also be accessed through a federated service, which accesses distributed, heterogeneous systems at the time of query, rather than pre-processing and storing data in one central place. Simply put, data integration is the essential link between information and insight. Businesses that ensure their various databases can “talk” to one another are able to take advantage of the details they’re collecting.

Data visualization is the way we present data in order to make data driven decisions. Visualizations now have more power for the end user to analyze, build, and integrate machine learning inputs into visualizations. It is the key to self-service business analytics where people in the business can access data and build visuals for specific problems. To be successful in data visualization, it’s important to know your objective, know your audience, highlight key findings, eliminate fluff and simplify.

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