Businesses ahead of their peers within Think Data Insights’ client base use the value of Power BI, as well as the mentoring and training we provide. The key benefits they have communicated from this combined solution of Power BI and mentoring were savings in money and time, and insights from the very effective customized visualizations they were able to create.

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Experience your data in new ways and discover what it can do for your business. Find answers in an instant to the most important questions for your business using personalized dashboards with real-time data.

Saving time and money. Some businesses lose money spending hours analyzing reports. This platform enables decision makers to spend less time requesting, verifying, and reading reports and more time devoted to other tasks. By analyzing the most recent, accurate data, business can make well informed decisions instantaneously and effortlessly, with confidence.

Customized visualizations. Users gain visibility into the complex relationships of your business data with interactive graphs and charts that drill deeper into detail. With its drag-and-drop function, you can create your town ad-hoc reports in minutes.

For example, Greg Schrimsher, Finance Director at Athens Paper explained how Power BI mentorship has greatly impacted his business. “Think Data Insights (TDI) is dependable and accessible. Whenever I have an issue with Power BI, I can just reach out to them via email. Their experts get back to me with a quick response and an answer they have figured out themselves, or having even gone all the way up to Microsoft and done a screen share with them, and figured out our problem within a couple of days.” Greg Schrimsher also found value in mentorship when it comes to choosing visualizations. “TDI has vast knowledge in different visualization techniques and offers different ways to look at data that I maybe wouldn’t have even thought of, because I didn’t have access to it in the past. For example, I submitted a question to TDI today asking which visualization will highlight any areas where we might be losing margin. Now, instead of having to look through all of the pertinent invoices, all this data is easily accessible in Power BI. We are able to show performance over time, analyze that data, and identify insights on improving those margins.”

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