Man climbing on cliff

The Flow State

In the bestselling book The Rise of Superman, Stephen Kolter highlights the amazing achievements humans have made in recent years. Extreme athletes are surfing 100-foot waves, snowboarding over 250 foot chasms and free-climbing cliffs in pursuit of the next rush of adrenaline. All in something called “the flow state.”

According to Steven’s research, the flow state is a neuro-chemically induced state of mind and body that allows a human to achieve greater things than ever before.

Flow hacking is the art of tapping into the physical, social, and mental triggers that will move a person closer to the state of flow in all areas of life, where time slows down, self vanishes, and action and awareness merge.

What does the flow state have to do with data analytics? Everything.

The last 2-3 years have seen unprecedented changes in technology and data science, allowing companies to realize the unbelievable benefits of predictive analytics and machine learning to change the landscape of businesses and products across the globe.

Take the shipping behemoth UPS for example.

In one year alone, UPS leveraged the power of analytics to accomplish some significant goals:

  • 30 million route miles eliminated
  • 3 million gallons of gas saved
  • CO2 emissions reduced by 32,000 metric tons
 Those are some impressive flow state milestones.
At Think Data Insights, we’ve been doing some flow hacking for our own clients. We’ll follow-up in our next post on how we’re seeing dramatic improvement in healthcare productivity analytics with the use of Power BI.

Are your old reporting and BI tools dragging you down? Are you moving towards a data analytic flow state in your business?

Tell us your data reporting issues and let’s get the flow going.