7,443 MNPS students took the ACT over two years. How did they do? Below is an infographic of how they did if the 7,443 students were a class of 25 students. In Tennessee, a minimum ACT test score of 19 is the entrance requirement for state colleges and universities. An ACT score of 21 is the minimum necessary to qualify for a Hope Scholarship. These benchmarks put students into the three categories below.

MNPS Post Nashville

Here are some observations I made while looking at the data:

Nashville didn’t change between 2010 and 2013.

MNPS Post Nashville Change

Hillwood High School really improved!

MNPS Post Hillwood

Three of the lowest performing schools in 2010 actually got worse.

MNPS Post Decline

Final thoughts. A wise person told me when looking at education data to realize that all of the numbers represent children. That is a sobering thought. I have a child in mind when I think about these numbers. I had a “little brother” with Big Brothers Big Sisters that went to one of the lowest performing schools. He ended up getting expelled in his senior year. I think it was actually in 2010. I’m not sure if his scores are represented in these numbers. I think of how his life might have been if he was in a different class. There were many challenges in his life at home and at school. I’m not going to pretend to know the answers, but it is sobering to look at some of this data and know that it represents real children. Hopefully, this infographic helps with that.

MNPS and local leaders look closely at the numbers and they are strategizing about how to help each student improve. Every year the Nashville Chamber of Commerce gathers a group to evaluate the progress of Nashville’s education system. They prepare the Education Report Card which presents findings and recommendations for improvement. I am encouraged that there is great focus on improving education in Nashville.

Would you like to see a specific school? Click play below to see a specific school or any combination of schools. This actually isn’t a video, but a web based version of Excel that you can interact with. It is YouTube for Excel!

MNPS Post YouTube

If you want to download the spreadsheet to see more details, you can download it here:

Download Excel 2010 Example     Download Excel 2013 Example

Tip – if you are playing with the Excel spreadsheet:

You can deselect schools by control clicking the buttons (or Command click on a Mac).  What does the average “non-magnet school” look like?   You can find that out by deselecting the magnet schools (Hume Fogg, and MLK).

MNPS Post Without Magnet