Create an application instantly with PowerApps!

PowerApps is a Microsoft service that makes it easy for anyone to build mobile and web-based business applications. Visual drag-and-drop functions that mimic PowerPoint and Excel allow you to easily create apps that run on a phone, tablet, or in a browser. For beginners, PowerApps provides templates and examples that can quickly be customized for your business needs. Advanced developers can explore the more complex features and build from scratch.

It’s simple to automatically generate an app in PowerApps, and starts with choosing a data source. Where do you want your data to come from?  Some of the most common sources are SharePoint, Excel and Dynamics 365. PowerApps also includes a powerful way to store your business data with Common Data Service. Templates are an alternative option to generate an app automatically, based on fictional data stored in a cloud account. You can click through specific screens and controls to learn how they’re designed, and practice different customization techniques that apply to your apps.

If the default generated app doesn’t fit your needs, it can easily be customized. A few examples include changing controls, altering the appearance, adding an image or video, or show a list of items. To expand and improve your projects, PowerApps also provides samples for you to explore to get a better idea of more advanced upgrades available.

For the more advanced users, another option is creating an app from scratch. Users can indicate the behavior and appearance of each control and incorporate a larger variety of data sources. Although this approach requires more time than generating an app automatically, this allows flexibility. Experienced developers can build from the ground up, inventing an app specifically for their business needs. After finishing an app and saving it to the cloud, you can then share it across your organization. With full control, you decide who can run the app, customize it, or share with additional people.

Even better…  Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the availability of PowerApps custom visual for Power BI in preview which gives you the ability to integrate your business data editing and workflows into the Power BI dashboard experience! By being able to pass context aware data, Power BI reports and dashboards are updated as you make changes in your PowerApps applications.

PowerApps is a group of software services and apps that unite to advance and revamp the way you build and share custom business applications. Click here to inquire about how TDI can mentor and assist you with reaching your business goals with PowerApps.