“Nothing on this earth is standing still. It’s either growing or it’s dying. No matter if it’s a tree or a human being.”  — Lou Holtz

Famed Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz accurately understood what it took to succeed at one of the most prestigious schools in college football.  Like Lou’s philosophy in developing players, we see a parallel in developing an organization to improve and grow in their fundamental use of data to provide insight and process change.  More specifically, an organization should invest in their team members through training if they wish to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of data analytics in the modern business.  During our consulting and project engagements over the year, our team at Think Data Insights has observed a few key reasons a company should invest wisely in the right training.

Keeping Your “A Players” Challenged

Many organizations focus a lot of attention on recruiting and firing, but not enough on keeping the right team members.  Getting the right people that are in the right seat to stay in the organization can sometimes be challenging.  One of the key factors is that many people really like to be challenged; they want to feel like they are contributing to something greater and that they are growing in the process.  One way you can keep people engaged is by giving them more challenging tasks and investing in the time and training to make sure they are up to the challenge of completing that task.

Technology and Business Are Moving At Breakneck Speed

We are in an age where speed, efficiency, and performance are highly valued in business, and where data is one of the key factors to help improve that.  If your team is not performing at their job and are not able to remain adept at handling data, you will fall behind.  One of the best ways to keep up with technology and business change is to invest in ongoing training.

Data Is the New Asset; Teams Need to Know How to Use It

Industry experts agree that data, and more specifically the value generated from data, is the new asset of the modern business world.  Companies that do not protect, nurture, and invest in it’s wise usage will quickly fall behind.  Industry research giant, Gartner, suggests it is imperative that companies consider “creating a team with a specific job of defining, developing and productizing the market for the information asset, similar to the product development life cycle established for managing and marketing traditional products.” For these teams to be adequately prepared, training on the use of modern data analytics tools is imperative.  Read the full article here: https://gtnr.it/2q5ev9K

Our favorite tool here at Think Data Insights is Microsoft’s desktop and cloud analytics solution, Power BI.  It’s a valuable tool for personal and enterprise-wide reporting and dashboard design, as well as a powerful tool for data discovery, analytics dataset preparation, and predictive analytics modeling by Citizen Data Scientists.  There are three key areas to know and understand about Power BI:

  1. Data Query and Exploration – Known as “Get Data” in Power BI
  2. Data Modeling and DAX language – This is where most of the data is organized for ease of consumption, including the powerful DAX function language.
  3. Data Storytelling – An essential skill for every data scientist (Forbes, 2016), data storytelling is achieved through the Power BI visualization canvas and the growing ecosystem of partner custom visualizations, making Power BI a compelling choice for analysts and data scientists.

Think Data Insights offers a variety of Power BI training options to cover each of these critical areas of Power BI in which your organization can take advantage of:

  • Basic and Advanced options
  • Customization of Training with your data
  • Onsite or Hosted at Think Data Insights’ offices
  • Follow-up review with class participants

Contact us to inquire how Think Data Insights can mentor and guide you through our training opportunities.