At Think Data Insights, we make it a point to serve our community, be involved, and share our knowledge. Last week, Ken Raetz had the opportunity to be a guest speaker on Nashville News Channel 5’s segment, SCORE on Business, which focuses on hot topics for entrepreneurs – everything from crucial start-up tasks to cultivating and growing business.

In the segment, Ken starts off discussing the goals we helped two recent clients achieve through our work together.  Ken also discusses a few of his favorite tools that early stage startups can use to begin looking at key data points in their business.  These tools include Mailchimp, for its built-in marketing analytics, as well as Excel and Power BI, for its quicker insights.

They wrapped up the segment talking about the approach TDI takes when we begin to work with new clients.

  1. Value must be delivered to the business with speed & efficiency
  2. Provide initial business assessment to understand what value can be achieved the soonest, and how; evaluate data sources, organizational readiness for analytics
  3. Build prototype solutions to materialize value and receive critical feedback from the business users prior to delivering final results
  4. Deliver production-ready solution and train & empower users to build on their own
  5. Focus on continuous delivery of analytics-driven insights

This was a great experience to go behind the scenes at News Channel 5, meet other local entrepreneurs, and create a discussion around data analytics.  The segment will be airing soon – be sure to keep an eye on News Channel 5’s SCORE on Business!

In the meantime, take a look at Ken’s appearance on The Entrepreneurial Mind, where he talks about how he went from manager and programmer to starting up his own company. View here: