We are so excited here at Think Data Insights. So many great things are happening in the field of business analytics. Now, more than ever before, business users can create and leverage extremely agile analytics throughout the organization. There is a revolution happening, and much of it is happening in the most unlikely of places. Using Excel to build amazing visualizations (like Infographics), applying enterprise automation to Excel with tools like Power Update, and applying advanced analytics and approaches with great Microsoft cloud analytics services are just a few of the really great capabilities available to organizations now.

In recognition of this capability and demand in the industry, PASS is now making a 3rd run at a conference designed for business analysts: PASS Business Analytics Conference, held in Santa Clara, CA, April 20-22, 2015. Join top experts from the world of business and data analytics for 60+ sessions covering today’s essential skills and technologies. You’ll learn the latest best practices for integrating, analyzing, visualizing and reporting on company data, as well as unlocking the power and promise of Big Data. Combining in-depth, how-to sessions and practical case studies with hands-on workshops and expert panels, the PASS Business Analytics Conference will connect you with a dynamic analytics community and give you practical knowledge you can put to work immediately.

It is also a tremendous blessing and privilege to have been given the opportunity to share our experience at the conference! Ken Raetz will conduct a session on The Art of Prototyping Analytics. Be sure to  register for the conference before time runs out!  Also, through our support of the local Nashville Modern Excel User Group, you can use the discount code BAMUNASH to save an extra $300 on registration!