Power BI Report Server has been an over looked feature of the new Power BI Premium subscription model that Microsoft released in June this year.

The Power BI Report Server is a new product that allows organizations to house Power BI Reports in an on-premises report server which serves as a “one stop shop” for all your reporting needs. This is a perfect solution for those who want an on-premises version of Power BI.

In addition, the Power BI Report Server comes with all the functions found in Reporting Services, allowing users to position paginated reports (.rdl), mobile reports (.rsmobile), and KPIs on the server, which supplement your Power BI reports. If you already have Reporting Services report server, it is easy to migrate your report server database to a new Power BI Report Server instance.

Reports on the Power BI Report Server can be accessed through the Power BI Mobile app, where users are able to view reports on the go! Not only will the app give access to these reports, but they are also accessible on the web with functionality similar to the Power BI Service. For those who want to see the data in its rawest form, export your report data to CSV and share across the organization.

Microsoft’s vision for Power BI Report Server appears to be primarily as a true “report server”, and thus it has a subset of the features you’ll find in the cloud Power BI service.  Certain features such as dashboards, “Q&A”, and streaming data are not available. There are some other limitations, but for the company seeking an enterprise-grade platform for a Power BI Premium license, this is a highly-performant, highly secure way to go.

Even with these limited features, there are also many capabilities that the Power BI Report Server offers:

  • Reports created with Power BI Desktop can be viewed within the web portal in your own environment
  • A web portal that can be viewed in any modern browser. You can organize and display reports and KPIs, as well as store Excel workbooks.
  • Users can still develop paginated reports using Report Builder and deploy them alongside Power BI reports.
  • Reports in the Mobile app have a responsive layout that adapts to many different devices.

Extend and customize your reporting functionality with the great on-premise features of Power BI Report Server.