If you have been using Microsoft’s Excel Power BI add-ins for Excel for any length of time, you know the amazing power they provide the analytics process. You also know that automating the refresh of Power Pivot workbooks or Power Query queries is not as simple as it should be. Until now: You’ll be delighted at the release of the new Power Update utility from Power Planner and PowerPivot Pro. Here at Think Data Insights, our team has been creating amazing analytic solutions for customers over the past 6 months. Check out our medical center demo (yes, this is all Excel and Power Pivot!):
Medical Center Dashboard Screenshot

One of the greatest challenges we have faced is working within the ecosystem Microsoft created to refresh and deploy these great solutions. Microsoft required you to work with the SharePoint or Office 365 auto-refresh capabilities, and there are inherent limitations built-in by the very nature of these environments.

Our team began working with Power Update a few months ago to help solve these challenges. And we have seen amazing results. Now, the product has been fully released. Rob Collie, of Power Pivot Pro, does a great job detailing the features and use cases. Check out

Think Data Insights is a registered partner with Power Planner and can help guide you on the best use of Power Update. Get started with automating your Power Pivot workbooks now! E-mail us for more information at info@thinkdatainsights.com.

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