May has been an exciting time for Think Data Insights! We kicked off our first meeting as hosts of the Southeast Business Forums Technology Chapter with great success. Thank you to everyone who joined us – and remember — you don’t need to be a member to attend a meeting for the first time!  Join us next time!

In our meeting, Ken Raetz discussed the trending topic of GDPR. As many of you know, the regulation became effective last Friday, May 25th and it has been a big theme for many this month. GDPR is important for businesses as it syncs all data protection regulations throughout the EU, making it easier for non-European companies to comply with these regulations. During a time where there is large economic value of personal data, the GDPR brings a new set of digital rights for EU citizens.

We found it important to discuss with fellow data professionals to ensure they take some initial steps to prepare their organization for future compliance. As many people may not think it affects them now, it will most likely in the near future. As we discussed GDPR, we began to picture what this new regulation will bring to the world of technology and data. Will a regulation like this expand to all businesses in the United States? Which big companies are going to drastically change? Which ones will be getting fined for violations? We will be revisiting this topic later in the year to reflect on these questions and discuss the changes we have observed. These kinds of group discussions are what brings important topics to the forefront of people’s minds in an environment where they can ask questions and share ideas.

Our team at Think Data Insights is excited to host such an amazing event to serve and support some of Nashville’s best technology professionals. Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your network and engage in influential conversations about trending technology topics. We hope to see you at our next Southeast Business Forums Technology Chapter meeting.

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