Data integration architecture prepares organizations to grow and to be able to take advantage of business opportunities that may be inherent in emerging technologies. It translates business needs into data and system requirements and facilitates an alignment of IT and business systems. Integration architecture can manage complex data and information delivery throughout an enterprise and acts as an agent for change, transformation, and agility. The flow of information between the people of a business and the processes of that business are handled by data integration architecture.

Data integration funnels a flow of data from many diverse types of source systems, such as your supply chain, through multiple transformations to get it ready for loading into target systems like data warehouses, customer data hubs, and product catalogs. All these target systems have different data models themselves, as well, so the data will have to be transformed in the middle of the process; oftentimes, the way data transforms themselves will vary pretty widely, too.The interfaces that connect these pieces are also very diverse. Then there are the data staging areas needed because data doesn’t flow in a straight line or uninterrupted. That is a lot of complex and diverse information that has to be organized, which is where data integration architecture comes in – it brings order into the chaos of complexity and is the pattern that’s made when servers relate through interfaces.

Your company’s data integration architecture should be a system that allows the different programs and platforms within your departments to receive the data and information that is needed to conduct the business at hand, efficiently and strategically, as well as in a timely manner. If your company’s data is in disarray, let’s take a look at your data integration architecture.

Here at Think Data Insights, we can help you assess your business data and its integration in your organization. If the current structure of your flow of data is not meeting your business needs, we can assist you in making the changes necessary to ensure that the information you need to run your business is available when and how you need it.

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