Professional Development

The Ultimate Combination to Make Data-Driven Decisions With Ease

Looking for new ways to visualize data, get instant access to insights and share your discoveries? Invest in Power BI training and learn from the experts at Think Data Insights. We will work with you to create your custom analytics plan and ensure that your organization can utilize these tools to accomplish your business goals. [...]

Accelerate The Cycle of Information to Insights

Our team here at Think Data Insights are admittedly made up of mostly geeks.  We admit it.  We thoroughly enjoy the "Wow" factor of the most modern analytics technology!  Whether it’s new and innovative ways to visualize data to create the "perfect view" or leveraging the massive scale of cloud computing to calculate rich analytics [...]

Are you “Sharpening the Saw”?

Stephen Covey first encouraged us to "Sharpen the Saw" in his ubiquitous, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Since that time, many books, blogs, and speeches have encouraged us to continue developing and growing the greatest asset that we have… ourselves. Here at Think Data Insights, we value being a lifelong learner.  So much so [...]