Think Data Insights is honored to be presenting at the 2018 Nashville Analytics Summit, which is to be held August 20-21 at the Omni Hotel (250 5th Avenue South, Nashville TN 37203).

Created in 2013 by members of the Nashville Technology Council, the Summit has enjoyed a growth of 488% since its inception, and it continues to expand as one of the largest tech events in the region. The Nashville Analytics Summit focuses on one of the fundamental issues facing organizations today – how to effectively leverage big data and analytics. Offerings at this year’s Summit will alternate between speaker presentations and technical workshops which will be presented by experts from varied backgrounds and industries. Case studies and management strategies will be a part of the offerings for executives, as well. Attendees can expect quality and diverse content.

Think Data Insights (TDI) works with companies that are implementing an enterprise data platform strategy, or updating the same. We provide project design and planning through development and execution, and we utilize the top brands and technologies that are available on the market today. TDI has worked with some of the largest organizations in retail, media, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing to deliver high impact data platforms and business intelligence solutions to them. We also have business insight developers who work with mid-sized companies, bringing value by using tools these businesses already have at hand in their corporate Microsoft licensing plans. Small colleges, private physicians’ groups, and franchise owners are among our clients on this level.

Here at TDI, we use a collaborative and iterative methodology on every project we undertake, whether large or small, and the Agile methodology we apply to any project means shorter intervals of delivery where a usable product adds immediate value.

Our philosophy here at Think Data Insights is that the result of data analytics and information delivery ought not to be just pretty charts and reports, but insights. Insights drive business change.

We will be sharing our philosophy, strategies, and experience this August at The Nashville Analytics Summit, and we look forward to networking with others in the industry, whether they be Chief Data Officers, Analysts, or Data Scientists, just to name a few. There won’t be a better networking event for analytics professionals in our region! Hope to see you there!

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