Looking for new ways to visualize data, get instant access to insights and share your discoveries? Invest in Power BI training and learn from the experts at Think Data Insights. We will work with you to create your custom analytics plan and ensure that your organization can utilize these tools to accomplish your business goals. We work with organizations across the United States to provide Power BI mentoring and training, and we see first-hand how impactful it is to a company’s success.

Businesses employ various services to streamline processes and improve efficiencies.  What they often miss is that business users lack sufficient knowledge and training in how to use these services. Productivity is lost when users spend too much time trying to teach themselves the software or solve errors. Companies need to not only invest time and money in the software solution itself, but also the professional development of the team of users with proper training and any additional resources they need to be more efficient.

The powerful combination of Microsoft Power BI and Think Data Insights’ organizational Power BI training improves adoption and data culture change, and leads to greater data-driven decision making. Armed with knowledge and skills, users feel confident they’re using Power BI to its full potential.

Our clients have saved an exponential amount of time and increased productivity by having constant, easy access to our team of experts. For example, our client, Greg Schrimsher, Finance Director at Athens Paper explained how our Power BI mentoring has greatly impacted his business. “Think Data Insights is dependable and accessible. Whenever I have an issue with Power BI, I can just reach out to them via email. Their experts get back to me with a quick response and an answer they have figured out themselves, or having even gone all the way up to Microsoft and done a screen share with them, and figured out our problem within a couple of days.”

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