Ken Raetz assumes the Chief Executive Officer role and sole ownership of Think Data Insights! We are a Nashville-based data platform and analytics technology solutions firm, as partner and principal, Dave Castro, exits to establish a new technology venture.

Effective February 1, Think Data Insights reorganizes with Raetz at the helm. We will focus on expanding our cloud data platform strategy and architecture services, as well as Power BI training services for healthcare, manufacturing, food services, and logistics.

“Leveraging data as a strategic asset continues to be one of the chief concerns and needs of organizations in the marketplace,” says Raetz. “However, many organizations struggle with knowing where to start to accelerate realizing value from their data.  CIO’s must contend with massive data sizes and data quality issues, while the rest of the C-Suite must address the impact of poor data culture in their organization and must find value in their data.  Companies increasingly employ outsourced teams to address these concerns.  Think Data Insights helps companies achieve rapid ROI on data platform investments through a focus on delivering value to the end users while simultaneously building a scalable platform for the future.”

Our company’s 10+ employees develop analytics platform solutions with a focus on Microsoft SQL Server and Azure cloud services, Power BI and Tableau analytics tools, and Amazon Web Service cloud solutions.  Our clients include several physician practice groups including The Jackson Clinic Professional Association and White-Wilson Medical Center; Southern Rock Restaurant and Lazy Dog Restaurants, privately held restaurant ownership groups; Barr Brands International Inc., a paint cleaner and mold removal product manufacturing company; and non-profit organizations Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee and the National Federation of Independent Business.

About Think Data Insights

Founded in 2014 by Ken Raetz, Think Data Insights solves clients unique data challenges by creating innovative analytics solutions leveraging the most modern data platform technologies and employing best practices in data architecture, modeling, and visualization services to the marketplace.  Think Data Insights has some of the best talent in the marketplace to bridge the gap between IT and business in serving its clients through rapid proof-of-concept solutions, enterprise data platform architectures, and stunning visual data storytelling services.