Businesses are inundated with data today in all areas, from operational and financial to industry, benchmark, and social media. As a business owner, your challenge isn’t going to be the shortage of data, but rather in knowing what to do with it. You will need to be able to leverage that data as an asset. If you are starting to think that you may need a data warehouse update, Think Data Insights is here to help.

Cloud data warehouse technology is constantly evolving, and this means that the updating of your data warehouse is critical to ensure that your enterprise will always have access to the data and analytics you need to compete. Modernization of your data warehouse will enable your data warehouse environment to meet changing business requirements and will also give your business support for new data sources.

Traditional ETL tools can be hard to put into use and often lack the automation that is needed to reduce the time, cost, and risk of data warehousing projects, so you will want to work with modern and progressive tools that will help you achieve your update by accelerating and simplifying your data warehouse design, development, testing, and deployment.

Your business will benefit from faster, updated data warehouse implementation, and when design is automated, this allows structures to be quickly defined and deployed. ETL automation that generates 80% or more of ETL commands will help to significantly reduce the time and resources required for implementation.

Your IT team needs to be able to:

  • Design, create, load, and update your data warehouse quickly
  • Automatically generate ETL code, which will reduce risk, time, and costs
  • Develop more effective business intelligence projects by leveraging best practices and templates
  • Create data warehouses and manage their modernization with minimal dependence on developers
  • Ingest data and generate reports, creating beginning to end workflow automatically

Our expert Think Data Insights team develops solutions that accommodate very large and complex data environments when traditional solutions do not address the client’s needs. Whether it’s time to upgrade your data warehouse or the need is self-serve data mart solutions, ad hoc reporting, or modernization of your visualization capabilities, we have the experience to meet, and exceed, all your business goals.