Domingo Riberio Soriano’s popular research paper, Quality in the Consulting Service, outlines the importance of the work external consultants conduct in businesses. Through interviews and research, Soriano shows the positive effects on the management process within companies where a plan was created by an external consultant. Below is an excerpt from his report explaining top qualities and characteristics of consultants he observed.

Consultants are always at your service to solve problems and guide you to succeed. As Soriano explains, they must be mentally and physically fit for the strain and high pressure they are put under, have above average intelligence, great at communicating, and have personal energy and integrity. They are well rounded people with many talents.

At Think Data Insights, we hold a strong value in creating a team of consultants that are intelligent, have strong interpersonal skills, react well in high-stress environments, passionate about the work they do, and ready to tackle whatever comes their way. We encourage utilization and expansion of their best qualities and top talents to become a leader in an area that they thrive in.

Actual proof of our consultants putting these skills to the test…. We ESCAPED!