We truly enjoy seeing the positive and game-changing impact that data insights can have on any organization, and that is the Think Data Insights Difference.

We are a consulting firm with deep expertise in data analytics and data integration architecture. We design and implement enterprise data platforms and business intelligence solutions. Our team provides project planning and design through development and execution, utilizing the top brands and technologies available in today’s market.

We’ve delivered high impact data platform and business intelligence solutions for the largest organizations in the fields of healthcare, manufacturing, retail, media, and finance, and our BI developers work with small and mid-sized businesses to bring value and insights using those tools that are already at hand in their corporate Microsoft licensing plans.

All of our clients experience a high touch and interactive approach from our consultants, and we use collaborative and iterative methodology on every project that we undertake. The Agile method that we will apply to your project will mean shorter intervals of delivery where a usable product adds immediate value.

We’ve developed solutions accommodating both large and complex data environments when traditional solutions just won’t address our clients’ needs. Whether that need is data warehousing, self-serve data mart solutions, or other ad-hoc reporting or visualization capabilities, our team has the experience to meet, and exceed, all your business goals.

We help our clients by building solutions that allow them to track and distribute their budget more easily to the right stakeholders, simplifying the process they use throughout the year to drive business growth, decrease expenses, and manage all their business objectives.

We encourage business owners to enhance their decision making within their organization by investing in solutions that will help them turn data into business insight. The results of data analytics and information delivery should not be just pretty charts and reports, but insights. Insights drive business change and impact business in powerful and positive ways.

Here at Think Data Insights, we are proud of what we do. And we enjoy it. Contact us today to experience the Think Data Difference.