BI: Business Intelligence. We hear the term everywhere in the modern business world. The BI models today are easier to use with simpler interfaces, and can be understood and operated by even the most technologically challenged member of your team. Business intelligence is a key component to being agile and competitive in the business world today, and engaging a compelling analytics tool such as Microsoft’s Power BI will allow your enterprise to easily visualize and analyze your data to discover useful information and support enhanced decision making.

A cloud-based tool that doesn’t require any capital expenditure or infrastructure support no matter the size of the business, Power BI is free from legacy software restraints, and users won’t need any specialized training to be able to generate BI insights. Like all Microsoft cloud services, the implementation of Power BI is quick and trouble free.

A few reasons to consider Power BI:

  • Seamless Integration. Power BI integrates seamlessly with your existing business environment, allowing you to easily adopt analytics and reporting capabilities. Microsoft Azure consultants can help you to leverage this intuitive tool to embed interactive visuals into your applications.
  • Information Dashboards. Your information dashboard can be customized to meet all the needs of your organization. The dashboard and BI reports can be easily embedded within the applications for a unified user experience.
  • Secure Reports. Power BI helps you to set up automatic data refresh and to publish reports that will allow all the users access to the latest, most up-to-date information.
  • Memory/Speed Constraints. The powerful cloud environment of Power BI eliminates all memory and speed constraints, ensuring data is retrieved quickly for immediate analyzation.
  • Technical Support. Power BI provides agile inquiry and analysis, with no need for any specialized technical support. With a powerful natural language interface and intuitive graphic designer tools, it is user friendly – a great benefit for your whole team.
  • Intelligence Extraction. Your enterprise data will be transformed into rich visuals with Power BI, helping you to extract your business intelligence for better decision-making.
  • Advanced Data Support. Microsoft Power BI integrates seamlessly with advanced cloud services such as Cortana, providing results for verbal data queries using natural language.

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